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PICA has been developing (mobile) business solutions since 1994. These solutions guarantee extensive functionality through an optimized user interface. We specialize in combining cool design with intuitive user control – even for complex apps e.g. for technical field force. PICA apps are modern, mobile and highly professional applications for smartphones, tablets or other form factors. The user interface is optimized for each screen and device size in order to achieve easy and fluid usability.

PICA MeetingPlaceOur most recent example is PICA MeetingPlace. Optimized for Microsoft Surface Hub it supports brainstorming and development of ideas in meetings on a new level.

It exists in two versions:

  • BASIC for local working on one Surface Hub. You can buy it in the Microsoft Store.

  • ENTERPRISE for connected working at several locations. You can rent it at PICA – please inquire at apps@pica.de or sales@pica.de.
  • PICA MeetingPlace on a Microsoft Surface Hub helps you do brainstorming during meetings. Usually, ideas are drawn out and collected on flipcharts or cards which are pinned on boards, spatially grouped, prioritized via points and at the end photographed for manual evaluation.

    Digitalization of this process on a Surface Hub makes it a lot easier, as a session status can be saved and reused any time. All cards, groupings, categorizations and prioritization can be viewed in a summary window and be saved in Microsoft WORD or RTF format. This allows easy and fast documentation of brainstorming results. Since a session can be prepared and worked on on a desktop PC a moderator's task is simplified.

    PICA MeetingPlace Enterprise stores sessions on an Azure server, which allows easy preparation, managing and reuse of sessions. This allows the use of multiple devices during a session. Several setups are possible:

    • Several Surface Hubs at different locations share a session or parts of a session (breakout-sessions) can be allocated to different teams for further structuring and their results re-integrated into the main session.
    • One Surface Hub and various tablets allows remote participation at a meeting.
    • One Surface Hub and various tablets/smartphones allows participants to create their own contributions (cards, prioritization) and transmit them to the session on the Surface Hub.

    What kind of app do YOU need?

    We invite you to discuss your requirements and will design a bespoke solution for your business.